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80 meter delta loop antenna design

Because the loop is so close to the ground (in wavelengths), the 0.2-dBi maximum radiation occurs at the zenith. dropping to -3-dBi at 45 ∘ elevation angle. The gain increases less than .25-dB when the wire grid is removed, a small change as expected from the low currents reported in the grid wires. 80 Meter Yagi. Posted by Mike Staal, K6MYC on 7th Mar 2016.

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80 METER HORIZONTAL SQUARE LOOP.Length of a full-wave 80-meter loop is about 270 feet. 160m Inverted Delta Loop That's possible on many residential lots Get 160-6 Meters Coverage and 1500 Watt Operation with a single antenna!This MFJ-2990 is a 43-foot self-supporting vertical antenna that covers 160 through 6 Meters with the use of an antenna.

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The 80 metre performance was great, far better than trying to tune up a 40 dipole to work on 80. Also, this antenna is quite, very quiet. This is probably due to the antenna being fed away from the house. Good news! If the antenna is close to the house, it's important to keep the power down.. Search: 2 Meter Full Wave Loop Antenna.

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solenoid coil resistance calculator

A loop fed in the southwest corner will have a few dB (3dB or more) gain favoring the northeast corner. The loop really, really cuts the mustard on 160, 80 and 40 meters compared to a dipole at the same height. It works just fine and dandy on 20 meters as well but I'd rather have a dedicated 20 meter loop for 20 through 10 meters..

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